As you know, The Knowledge Engineers (TKE) is becoming part of AVADO the world’s leading digital transformation company. After successfully working together in our offices around the world since early 2016, we are now merging the two companies under one entity and retiring the TKE brand.

This will give our clients an unrivalled selection of education options as we support them in digital transformation around the world. We’re now part of a company of 350 people in 9 global locations giving you exceptional support in making digital change.


The brilliant basics of impactful learning

AVADO is all about learning. AVADO understand that learning can transform people, companies, even industries. They also understand that the right learning experience means the right results. That’s why they work with world’s most respected industry brands and accrediting bodies, why they bring together the very best tutors, course designers and digital developers, and why they’re constantly rethinking every step of the learning journey to make sure they deliver the highest quality learning experiences and qualifications in the world. Brilliant basics means the careful science of combining the right elements in the right way, at the right time. This is what AVADO do.


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