Digital Knowledge Centre

Digital Knowledge CentreThe Digital Knowledge Centre is the definitive e-learning platform for developing digital marketing skills.

It offers a comprehensive range of digital marketing courses on a state-of–the art learning management system and delivers fast, targeted and personalised learning on desktops and tablets.

DKC is the first international e-learning platform which combines powerful functionality with a user-friendly HTML5 interface.

The Digital Knowledge Centre is:

  • On demand: help staff get the skills they need when they need them
  • Comprehensive: over 120 modules
  • Global: gives staff access to learning opportunities wherever they are
  • Practical: provides practical training to put into action straight away
  • Consistent: gives a common language and skill set across your company
  • Measurable: subscribers or HR/Managers can set and monitor the learning pace
  • Flexible: accessed either by a casual user or a formal learner approach
  • Appealing: powerful user experience combining HTML 5 design with LMS system
  • Interactive: user engagement is boosted with regular CRM emails and live webinars

The Digital Knowledge Centre covers all major digital topics:

  • Digital Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Content Strategy
  • Measurement & Optimisation
  • Project Management
  • Search and Optimisation
  • CRM & Data


Subscribers learn through three different types of materials; video courses – learning tools and practical tips, instructor-led courses – building subject matter expertise and resources – putting it all into action.

To learn more about our e-learning digital marketing courses visit the Digital Knowledge Centre. Or contact our digital marketing experts today to discuss a trial subscription for you or your company.