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The Knowledge Engineers is delighted to announce we are now part of AVADO, the UK’s leading provider of online learning platforms for professional qualifications

The brilliant basics of impactful learning

We’re all about learning. We understand that learning can transform people, companies, even industries. We also understand that the right learning experience means the right results. That’s why we work with world’s most respected industry brands and accrediting bodies, why we bring together the very best tutors, course designers and digital developers, and why we’re constantly rethinking every step of the learning journey to make sure we deliver the highest quality learning experiences and qualifications in the world. Brilliant basics means the careful science of combining the right elements in the right way, at the right time. This is what we do..

Your success is our success

Whether we’re helping individuals or working with the likes of Google, your success is what drives us. You have big ambitions, and we want you to realise them. But we don’t stop there, because we know that learning isn’t a one-off – it’s a lifelong pursuit that keeps up with your changing needs and the latest global developments. We never rest. We use the experience of every single one of our learners and more than 900 partner organisations to refine and improve, and to maximise our positive impact.

Technology as our enabler

Building on our roots in education technology, over many years we have developed cutting-edge learning platforms that are used by industry leaders across all sectors, from SMEs to large corporates to government and non-profit organisations. We harness technology to encourage closer collaboration between learners and their peers, putting people at the heart of learning, with inventive technology in a strong supporting role. We want technology to enhance rather than replace the crucial human aspect of the learning experience. This is how we have transformed professional learning, and inspired our learners to be transformative in their own fields – delivering radical results.

Blenheim Chalcot

AVADO is part of Blenheim Chalcot, the UK’s leading venture builder. Founded in 1998, Blenheim Chalcot specialises in building digital businesses that transform industries. It has portfolio sales of over £300m, more than 3,000 employees, and a successful track record of over 40 companies across IT services and outsourcing, education, financial services, software, sport and media. The partners at Blenheim Chalcot have held senior roles at Google, Monitor and Capital One and work closely with portfolio companies on a daily basis.


Niall McKinney

Chief Executive Officer

Nick New

Managing Director, North America

Karen Hague

Global Head of Delivery


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